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Masada, Israel

Masada is a place of historical significance to the Jewish people, and is located next to the Dead Sea around 100 kilometers from Jerusalem. It was there, on this magnificent hill which is formed almost like a table with sheer cliffs on its sides, that a band of Jewish people lived. They had moved there to practice their way of life in freedom in the first century. The Romans however, had different ideas for them, and set out to capture them. Building a sort of ladder on one of the sides of this tall mountain, it became obvious to the Jewish people that capture was imminent, and slavery to the Romans would follow. In a final act of defiance and an expression of freedom of will, the group committed mass suicide. As horrific as it sounds, it was not hard to imagine the firm resolve of this people while touring the ancient remains of their civilization. Small, earthen buildings, plazas and bathing houses remain atop the Masada as memories of this people devoted to their freedom and willingness to die for it.

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The solution is spiritual. Live in the solution with positive action.

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Along Spiritual Path, Publications

Along the Spiritual Path

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We live in a time which requires internal fortitude.

In this age of warring theological systems, advancing scientific technology, and times when human beings seek meaningful direction and purpose in their lives. it is imperative for individuals to look inside themselves and examine their personal beliefs and spirituality.

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