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“Let Freedom Ring”*

Here we go.

It has come to this.

Marianne Williamson announced its importance in her run for the Democratic nomination for president of the United States.

And what is it, you may ask?

It is the acknowledgement of our national sin. It is a confession and then a restitution and finally, maybe, an evolution.

America was founded on the principles of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”*

“All men are created equal.”*

Yet, greed crept its ugly head into the picture early on, and required free and forced labor in the form of slavery. The slavery of Africans—ripped  from their lands and shipped across the seas to this new land.

Who benefited?

Certainly not the slaves—perhaps land and plantation owners and their large, fruitful crops. And this subjugation became rooted in the American way.

Has it been dealt with?

No, not really.

The effects are still here.

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Commentary, Inspiration, Life

The High and Noble Art of Love

It is a hard time right now. It’s like all of our actions are cut off. More or less we’re just hanging out and waiting for the storm to pass.

Will it pass? Who will it take with it while it does? Is life in America and on the globe forever changed? In which way(s) specifically?

Obviously only time will tell. But right now, time stretches on like an elastic band being pulled. With each moment, the band becomes tauter, the moments more intense. Time will stretch, life will continue, and humans will love; it’s what we’re here for — the reason for our being.

There is no other logical translation for existence, other than to learn and practice the high and noble art of love.

But still in the face of dire change, ever existential daily change, how do we carry on successfully? Do we go to the store for our senior neighbors? Do we cook a nice meal for our family? Do we donate money to a charity on the front lines?

The what and hows seem to be innumerous during this time of difficult change. More importantly, is the underlying energy, the impetus to DO SOMETHING. The impetus and NEED to stay positive, to stay in the solution and not to listen too intently to the harsh and continual sound of the dirge…

It is times like these that the cream is made; the cream which rises to the top. The cream which sacrifices time, money, personal gain and steps out to offer a (figurative) hand, an inspiration, a virtual hug. It is imperative that we keep ourselves in the positive frame of mind right now.

For that is exactly what the DIS-EASE would want: fear, negativity, and death. The antidote of RESOLVE for positivity, love, and health — to the utmost of our ability, is the high calling of humanity, and the need for 2020 life here on planet Earth.

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