About This Site


My hope in creating this site is to create a forum to explore important topics of our times. I hope to tastefully offer my insights and inspire yours. A further goal of this site is to give a glimpse of the particular pathway which I have traveled, and in so doing may help others on their pathway.

My pathway, although certainly not straight and definitely with obstacles and bumps along the way, has proven to get me somewhere that I have wanted to be – a place of reasonable happiness, serenity, integrity and faith in the Divine Being. It has been a pathway in which I can assert that I have been true to myself.

The end goal of a spiritual pathway may differ from person to person. It is certainly not my intention to enter into a lengthy discourse regarding the merits of a certain pathway. Instead, I hope to inspire others to seek a true God, whatever that word means to you. To me, it is a personal connection, and one that I feel I don’t really need to define in order to utilize, love, and happily relate to. In this sense, it is similar to the power of electricity. I really don’t need to understand it, but I can certainly use the benefits of it and respect it for what it is.