Inspiration, Life, Poetry

The Fire Within

The fire within burns,
The fire without glows,
Consuming oxygen and fuel,
By its invisible force
The power of its nature.

Consuming and melding elements,
Into a unified whole of nothingness.

The fire within burns.
The heat intensifies,
People look out from their huts and hovels,
Observing the flames.

The towering flames,
Overtaking the buildings of their lives.
They hustle for water,
To quench, quench, quench!

The fire within –
The burning sensations
Of their lives.

With hopes aground,
On the bottom of their souls.

“Should we touch it?”
They ponder thoughtfully, intuitively, gingerly.
“Won’t we get burned if we reach in and let it out?”

This burning, touching sensation knows no common human feeling.
It is simply the burning of the spirit,
The fire within.

The truth of our existence,
The reason we are here,
The beckoning of our call.

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