God Hears Our Hearts

Whenever I speak to God sincerely, from my heart, my prayers are answered. It is when I truly and sincerely ask for help that I feel guidance in my life’s direction.

Since I was a young man at about age 19, my faith has been active. However, like many people, my faith has gone up and down.

Once I started praying to God on a regular basis, I’ve noticed that when I pray sincerely, it seems like I receive an answer. It may not be in the form of a voice, or even a coincidence or outer occurrence, but instead it might be an unintuitive flash which causes me to do something, call someone, or go somewhere in which I may have not otherwise been inclined to do.

These occurrences have been prevalent enough in my life, that I chose to put them on paper in 2016 in my spiritual memoir titled Along the Spiritual Path.

In fact, today I was confronted with feeling slightly depressed, and not sure what I should do.

I usually live my life, like a lot of people, with conditioned or patterned activities. Today I started my day and realized that I needed something to be different. So instead of getting out of my bed, feeding the cat, making my coffee, and then sitting on the couch and uttering a prayer, today I instead (from my bed) honestly spoke from my heart, without words, seeking assistance and help from God.

I went about my day, just as I usually would, but the only difference was right before I was driving to go to a beach meeting that I go to on Sunday mornings, I felt the inspiration to visit a church which I used to go to with my wife and have not attended regularly in years.

I listened to the intuition as I was driving , and turned and parked the car in the lot where the church meets. I attended the service and felt very grateful afterward hearing the topic of love.

I realize that following God for me, is following a dynamic spirit. Getting stuck in the rigidity and rutness of behavior, repeating something over and over, simply because it is a habit, derails my ability to keep in touch freshly with God. This also keeps me from feeling secure in myself.

So once again today I am reminded that God hears me when I come to him with true emotion in my heart, and his spirit is always willing and able to help me in my walk with him.

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