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Women Should Rule the World

We men have had ample opportunity in recent history to steer the boat of modern civilization. Although I am not advocating blind faith or blanket (overall) trust in one gender of our species, I think it is relevant that most of our leaders have been male, and it is fair time to turn the tides.

Women bring a different perspective to the table. Generally, they are raised differently, and not only are their social skills different but their physical and biological makeup engender certain attitudinal differences which could be very helpful to the health and survival of humanity.

For example, women are by nature nurturing – of course, a characteristic of their roles as primary caregivers and bearers of children. This nurturing characteristic is necessary for the current state of humanity. Bristling with the birth pangs of change, humanity needs a primary caregiver to nurture it back to health.

Men, on the other hand, are by nature risk takers, brisk in their decision making, often taking risks which jeopardize others. This bold and fearless attitude may work well in relative times of peace and stability. On the other hand, in times like today, when humanity faces a plethora of important issues which seem to threaten its very survival, a bold strategy must be scratched for level-headedness and a propensity to meet around the table and find common ground.

Women engender that spirit – more so than man. Women are focused on caring for their loved ones, which ultimately means caring for other people. This spirit of looking outward needs to be translated in the common leadership roles of our day, both here in the USA and abroad in other leading countries.

I am not suggesting that all women will make good leaders. Instead, I am suggesting that men should move over and welcome the energy and effectual leadership of women to prudently help us all get out of the some of these big holes we find ourselves in.

One does not need to look far to find these big holes. Whether on the domestic front of political polarity or on the international front of global warming/climate change, feeding the world’s hungry, and avoiding further outbreaks of war, these holes glare menacingly at the average educated citizen on Earth.

How will women accomplish the goal of bringing humanity back from the verge of destruction?

I think that question is best answered by observing the way women tend to confront issues; in my mind, they seem to stare it down and honestly confront it. They seem to get the issue out onto the table, feel its implications and observe its characteristics from all possible angles, and then propose a solution. They tend to take into consideration the needs and feelings of others, and introduce compromising solutions. This effect can often be calming, as both parties tend to feel heard and responded to.

With this emotional balance being more the barometer than the classical model of a “winner and a loser”, the stage is more set for “win win” outcomes where both parties walk away feeling good about the results.

This may all sound like hoopla to a casual observer. But when I consider my experience, I feel confident that these results are empirical and would most definitely benefit humanity. I have worked with women on a close and personal level since I graduated from college with a degree in Child Development. I was one of maybe five men in the department then, and later in the workplace became one of only a few men who worked in the field of childcare and early childhood education. This allowed me to work with women and observe more closely their gentler natures, both in dealing with children and in interactions among themselves and other adults.

It is for this reason that I believe the thinking man will set aside his ego for the benefit of others beyond himself. Manhood is not defined by domination and possessions. True men and true leaders look to make better the lives of others. Particularly, when a situation has been observed as failing, it is the humble person who can accept the facts, acknowledge the need for change, and pave the way by his attitude, his actions and his will for newness and new directions.

In this sense, I believe it is time for women to take the leadership of mankind. Let us move over and allow more women to make the important decisions and to guide us for our own survival and so that we may thrive together in happiness.

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