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Release ourselves from digital screens, which serve us, but also pull and direct us.

Release ourselves from partisan politics, which here in the US now, seems almost like a high school rivalry. Our nation and our laws are not a spirit contest of us vs. them. Our Pledge of Allegiance quotes “One Nation, under God, Indivisible.” Instead, focus on the issues and not the party names, while meeting together first in our humanity, our likeness, our brotherhood.

Free yourself, get out in nature, where true freedom lives. Do what you like, what brings you happiness, not at the expense of others or our beautiful home the Earth.

Our passion is our blueprint for living. When we see what we are good at, and what we can offer to others by using that talent or gift, then we should do it. The blind pursuit of outer acceptance or even outer wealth, leads to a shallow result and endpoint. Following a passion, however, gives happiness upon waking up every day to do it.

Final thought, is love. Why is it that a parent feels such genuine love for their child? Perhaps it is the nature of life itself, to look outward, to love. So why not practice that, everyday in some way, directed towards others mostly, if not also directed at ourselves to some lesser degree.

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