Never Stop Caring

It is important to always care for others. In the climate that we live in today, sometimes it feels to me that hopelessness can easily be something to fall back upon. It is hard to believe sometimes that our society and world can overcome the challenges that it faces.

That is exactly why now more than ever it is so important to never quit caring. And by caring I mean both for our society in general and for people in specific. Hopelessness, apathy, and inaction are the antitheses of what we currently need.

I have to admit it is tempting to just say “Oh no, another email, another something gone wrong, another political situation that I don’t understand or can’t even deal with.” But it is this kind of thinking that leads to nothing healthy for anyone.

Also, if nothing else it is important to think of our fellow human beings as our brothers and sisters and it is important to care about them because of nothing more than that fact. It is this kind of grass roots caring that will lead to solutions for all.

If we stop ourselves and meet on this common ground, then we will be able to find the solutions that we need, and to understand the things that perhaps divide us. In my opinion no one person is absolutely right and no one person is absolutely wrong. We all have insights and input which can be used to benefit everyone.

Even though most of what I’ve written has been very general, it is easy to translate this into specific concerns. For example, I particularly care about children, the ocean, my family and friends, and other things. So I have chosen to devote a portion of my life to working with children, being a caring and active member of my family and also in my larger extended social group of friends, supporting organizations which help us to understand the condition and quality of our beautiful ocean, etc.

These are the so-called grassroot activities that I participate in to exercise my “caringness” in my life. Of course I do other activities as well, but my main point is that it is imperative for us to try to improve our society and world and make it better.

Now is not the time for apathy. Whatever it is that we believe in, it is important to be true to ourselves and to take action to support that cause. We have been given the great blessing of freedoms to do that in this country, the United States. I particularly believe that all of our founding fathers would want us to exercise these rights to their fullest and to their utmost.

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