• To inspire others to personally explore and express their thoughts and ideas on subjects relating to spirituality, philosophy, and personal growth.
  • To openly examine important subjects of our day including basic human rights and freedoms.
  • To share broadly and creatively through the medium of the written word.


A New Year

A new year represents a new course on the path. Every day of our lives is a day when we must grow, explore, expand, and ultimately move closer to the reality of our Creator, which is love. Our Creator is love, and as we move forward on our spiritual path, the Creator becomes nearer to us.

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Commentary, Life

It’s hard to be an American now

Living in this day and age feels like a difficult task. Holding a smartphone in one hand, hearing about a mass murder in some city of ours, or maybe it’s just a crazy heat wave, ice storm or hurricane. Whatever it is, crazy seems to be an everyday occurrence.

We try to keep on our game face and make a good, positive difference. We really do. And some of us, no doubt are making headway in various capacities in our lives.

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Along Spiritual Path, Publications

Along the Spiritual Path

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We live in a time which requires internal fortitude.

In this age of warring theological systems, advancing scientific technology, and times when human beings seek meaningful direction and purpose in their lives. it is imperative for individuals to look inside themselves and examine their personal beliefs and spirituality.

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