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  • To openly examine important subjects of our day including basic human rights and freedoms.
  • To share broadly and creatively through the medium of the written word.

Commentary, Inspiration

I am a Patriot

What the 4th of July means to me

To me, the 4th of July is more than just rhetoric to watch fireworks, and wave the stars and striped flag. Although both of these activities are symbolically important, I think that the Fourth of July represents something much deeper than these outer symbols.

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Moving Away from Corporate

The longer that I live, the more I’m motivated to move away from this whole concept of corporate mentality or life. What I mean by that specifically is I don’t believe in Big Business running my life, dictating what I should and shouldn’t do, and setting the standards for what is going to make me healthy, happy, and free.

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Along Spiritual Path, Publications

Along the Spiritual Path

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We live in a time which requires internal fortitude.

In this age of warring theological systems, advancing scientific technology, and times when human beings seek meaningful direction and purpose in their lives. it is imperative for individuals to look inside themselves and examine their personal beliefs and spirituality.

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