In, Out, and In-between

Interestingly, I notice that the human experience involves three major processes: the state of taking In; the state of giving Out; and the state of residing somewhere In-between.

For example, as I write this, I am giving Out. My energy and focus is directed outward. On the other hand, as trivial as it sounds and may be, I am taking In as I listen to the soft music playing in the background and drink my morning cup of coffee.

The state of In-between can be noticed when sitting still, perhaps doing nothing, whether meditating or possibly listening to music while resting the body. This is the state of homeostasis.

It is important I think to live in all three states, and we certainly live In and Out states frequently and most of the time. Perhaps sleeping can be considered an In state, as the body takes in rest, and the mind releases itself through the process of dreaming.

During our waking state, a lot of experience involves the interplay of In and Out. We speak on the phone and listen to the other person. In this exchange, we take in their energy and give out ours.

We move about in our day performing activities which carry on our lives. Many of these are work-related for adults and play related (hopefully!) for children. These activities see us taking in energy, ideas, input and stimuli, and of course we give out much of the same.

The state of In-between, where we are neither focused on taking in or giving out, it is less obvious and I think less practiced in general. Of course, the practice of meditation is primarily focused on getting to this state, where the mind and body essentially shut down from ceaseless activity.

Some forms of entertainment might be likened to the state of in-between. Though we may be taking in some information or stimulus, the mood is light and the body and mind are more likely to enter into a passive state and relax.

I think the state of in-between is a crucial state for humans to strive for, as it balances out and neutralizes the nervous systems and energy field bodies, so that we may better manage in our daily affairs of taking in and giving out.

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