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It’s hard to be an American now

Living in this day and age feels like a difficult task. Holding a smartphone in one hand, hearing about a mass murder in some city of ours, or maybe it’s just a crazy heat wave, ice storm or hurricane. Whatever it is, crazy seems to be an everyday occurrence.

We try to keep on our game face and make a good, positive difference. We really do. And some of us, no doubt are making headway in various capacities in our lives.

But it is the division we must face which is so obviously glaring at us in the mirror. We have become a nation which does not know how to talk to each other. Like an embittered couple before separating, our attempts to heal our disagreements and come to some sense of unified purpose seem to be evasive.

But this really shouldn’t be. We should be able to mention the names of our politicians, our so-called leaders, without fear of social repercussion on us. We should be able to talk about Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Paul Ryan all from the perspective of objectivity and separation from self-identity.

We are individuals, collectively we are a nation. We are not merely members of our political parties, either left or right wing. We are human beings foremost, first and last. We share the commonality of birth, living and death. None of us escapes these realities.

So why then do we find ourselves in a predicament of non-trust, seething discourse and inability to get along?

I believe it is due largely in part by our unwillingness to step up to the plate and take a swing at it. In other words, we have refused to open our mouths and take a chance in revealing ourselves. We might be different! We not might not be accepted!

This cowardly attitude has led us to where we are now, watching daily headlines of divisiveness, mayhem and insanity. Forward progress requires change attitudes. Getting off the couch, and standing up for what is important. And doing it with an open mind, willing to hear opinions that are foreign to ours, and see how we may find commonality in the brotherhood of our humanity.

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