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Wailing Wall, Jersusalem

On my family’s visit to Israel last summer (2015), it was at the “Wailing Wall” that I first felt the holiness of the Jerusalem’s Old City. We arrived at nighttime, and many worshippers were touching the wall while praying.  This wall is adjacent to the grounds where it is believed that Abraham ascended Mount Moriah to offer up Isaac, and to the site where King Solomon built the First Temple on the Temple Mount area in Old Testament times. For that reason it considered one of the holiest places of the Jewish faith.

A special place

The experience and atmosphere at this wall were noticeably special. Even my friend, Ohad, proclaimed that each time he returns to visit this area, the feeling and experience are unique. We spent some time there, and offered our own prayers at the wall. Because men and women are separated there, Ohad and I had backed off when we were finished praying, and waited for my wife, Jody,  and daughter, Natalie.

Feeling the love

I looked carefully from the distance of about 40 yards which separated us from the female area, and saw my tall, blonde daughter with her forehead pressed against the wall. She was obviously engrossed in the experience, and kept herself there for some minutes.

Later, she told me that she could “feel the love” as she kept her forehead pressed upon it – the love of so many people and prayers passed along and pressed upon it for so many years.


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