America wake up!

America, the only country I’ve ever known as home, and the land with the most virtuous freedoms such as assembly, religion, speech, and press.

Wake up! 

Do not allow a small class of individuals to steal away these freedoms which our forefathers and our ancestors both strove hard to forge and maintain.

Our situation currently is like the Frog in the heated water. The story goes like this: the frog sits in the water and if the temperature is increased slowly the frog does not realize it until it is boiling and he dies.

Now is the time when we must rise up to protect our freedoms and our National Treasures. This country is an amazingly beautiful place, why would we not protect it? We do not need to serve those who have more money than they know what to do with, who own multiple houses all over this land and world. We need to take up the common vote and to vote for laws which help the average citizen, people that care about their neighbors and want to see our country inclusive and safe and respective to all.

America wake up! It is time to help your neighbor, it is time to get involved in your community,  time to take the power back from those who have taken the power away. We still have time as our system is still in place, we need to do something before it is gone.

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