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I Don’t Mind a Calamity, if I Don’t Mind it.

Today I heard some wisdom that I wanted to share.

Like a lot of people, I go through difficulties or calamities. They can take up a lot of my mental space and require a lot of effort. If I’m not careful, they can really put me in a down mood.

But what I heard today changed my attitude about them. We are all going to have challenges which require us to buckle down and get through them. There’s nothing wrong with giving our effort to solving our problems. It is when they overwhelm us that they become too much, and then we may feel depressed, angry, and other negative feelings.

But what I heard today reminds me that I don’t need to spend all my mental energy focusing on a challenge that I may face. Instead, I can let go, and let God. I can trust that the process will resolve itself as I aim toward solving it. And in the meantime I can enjoy the moments of my day without feeling like every single moment has to be given towards the challenge or calamity.

In this sense I don’t mind a calamity, if I don’t spend all my mental energy or “mind it”!

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