A New Year

A new year represents a new course on the path. Every day of our lives is a day when we must grow, explore, expand, and ultimately move closer to the reality of our Creator, which is love. Our Creator is love, and as we move forward on our spiritual path, the Creator becomes nearer to us.

This picture is taken from Northern California, Houda Point. It is a “spiritual” rock, in that the native Americans, those who occupied the land before the colonization of the Europeans, considered it a sacred landmark of Mother Nature.

I consider it the same. In my younger, years, during college, I used to climb the back side of it by hand. It had an unusual pull enabling me to climb high up the side by simply trusting the power of the nature and the beauty that Houda Point is.

Today, it still represents a spiritual landmark on the Northern California coastline. I love to go there, and see its presence. It reminds me that the spiritual path is continual and to grow in love.

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